Augmented Reality Filmmaking Tool

Fox Studios


Design Leader, User Experience Designer and Researcher, Technical Manager, 3 Augmented Reality Software Developers, Film Maker

Design Leader

While at the AT&T Foundry, I led an Augmented Reality project to create a pre-visualization tool for filmmakers, specifically for camera crews and directors. In collaboration with Quantum Interface, Economist Media Lab, and teammates at Ericsson Research, our newly-founded team conducted user research, designed, and implemented a complete voice and natural gesture-controlled Hololens solution to a prevalent need for film crews.

From concept to implementation, the entire project was successfully completed within just three days at the Fox Studios Hackathon.


In June 2016, we were invited by the Fox Innovation Lab to build an augmented reality concept to improve the entertainment production process using the Microsoft HoloLens.

In response, we created Spike, a tool that helps filmmakers streamline their pre- and post-production processes by tagging theatrical sets with virtual camera marker “spikes” and visualizing adjustments to camera settings.

This same concept can be applied to other virtual objects in other contexts as described in the presentation video below.

The Presentation

At the end of our three day sprint to the finish line, we had a functional prototype and compelling story that we shared with Fox and fellow event attendees.

Check out our presentation document here.


As the first Foundry AR/VR project, this success demonstrated the value of this emerging technology solving real use cases beyond the gaming industry.

It has since sparked interest in looking deeper into Augmented and Virtual Reality with further explorations into other industries and spurred discussions across the company’s Strategy teams.